Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor
Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor

Klaro Valet - Smart Humidor

Regular price$49.99

What’s Included:

BLE Hygrometer (Includes battery)
Valet BLE Bridge
Torch lighter & cutter

All of our humidors are made to order, so there are no refunds available. Exchanges are available within the first 30 days for any defective or damaged products. 

Monitor Your Humidor Anywhere, Anytime

Introducing the Military Glass Top Humidor. This humidor is built like a tank with thick wood construction and cedar inlay, making it easier to maintain a constant ideal humidity for your precious stogies. The corners are protected with polished gunmetal corner guards, and the sides are fitted with lid latches. We have stenciled distressed graphics under the custom carrying handles, giving it that extra resemblance of a military foot-locker. Our reimagined Klaro accessory drawer is fitted with a special foam, commonly found in protective military cases, precisely cut to hold our exclusive Gunmetal Accessory Kit (Note: it's removable if you decide not to purchase the accessory kit). We've included everything you need to get up and running with your new Klaro humidor, including the patent-pending Hydro System, which comes with a humidification tray, one bottle of regular Humidor Solution, and one bottle of Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution Mix. This humidor is the complete package for those who have an affinity or were in the military. Holds (50-100 Cigars).

Guided Seasoning Process

Every cigar aficionado knows the importance of proper seasoning. Our in-app step-by-step instructions ensure your Klaro Humidor achieves the perfect cigar environment, enhancing the flavor and longevity of your cigars. (iOS Only)

Stay Connected 24/7

Thanks to the included Klaro Wifi Bridge you can monitor your collection from anywhere, anytime. Immediate push notifications mean you’re the first to know if humidity/temperature conditions are less than ideal, safeguarding your prized stogies.

Precision Monitoring

Achieve temperature accuracy of ±0.5°F – vital for preserving the flavor of your cigars. Humidity accuracy of ±3% – prevents your cigars from dry out or becoming too moist. Your cigars deserve precision.

In-depth Data Tracking

By analyzing humidity and temperature patterns on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we can help optimize your device's environment to ensure cigars of impeccable quality with flawless draws.

Two Ways To Install

1. For existing Klaro customers: Quickly swap out your current Klaro Hygrometer (compatible with Renzo model) for a flawless fit. 2. Don’t have a Klaro item? Just position the BLE Hygrometer inside your existing item, and you’re good to go. Note: While seasoning advice is tailored for Klaro products, you can still benefit from numerous features like the cigar catalog and tracking humidity/temperature readings!

Your Digital Cigar Catalog

Document your prized cigars by name and quantity. Plus, with more features on the horizon, your digital experience is only set to get richer.

Packaging W3.66x D2.3 x H5.1 (Inches)
Valet Bridge Unit W1.8 x D1.8 x H1.5 (Inches) 6 Ounces

  1. Plug in your Klaro Valet bridge and set it outside your humidor in close proximity.
  2. After you replace your old hygrometer with the new BLE enabled hygrometer, it will connect to the bridge and send your humidity and temperature data to the cloud.
  3. The cloud will then send data to your phone so you can track your humidors performance in realtime.


Image 1

Ideal Conditions

Rejoice your humidor is in tip-top shape.

Image 2

Seasoning Guidance

We’re going to guide you through each phase of humidor maintenance.

Image 3

RH & Temp Tracking

Monthly, weekly, daily and hourly humidity & Temp data tracking.

Image 4

Tailored Tips

Detailed instructions to put you back on your path.

Image 5

Track Your Cigars

A simple catalog system for your smokes.

How The Valet Compares:

Klaro Valet Humidity Tracker
No Bridge
Humidity Tracker
With Bridge

Anywhere Tracking

Access your live humidor data from anywhere and anytime.

BLE Tracking will only work in close proximity.

Humidor Specific

Our notifications are specifically tailored to Klaro humidors, ensuring a bespoke experience.

Digital Cigar Catalog

Add your cigars to our catalog to keep better track of your smokes.

Remote Hygrometer Calibration

In the rare occasion of recalibration, you can do it through the app. It’s Magic.


Yes, anywhere you have an internet connection (including a 4G/5G connection).

Yes, however you will receive notifications that are more generic and less tailored to your specific humidor.

Yes, its extremely easy. In the app settings you can push a new reading to your hygrometer.

We recommend placing the bridge within 10-15 feet of your Klaro humidor.

Yes, however, we're working to make the Klaro App available on Android devices. Stay Tuned! 

The Klaro app works by connecting your humidor's KLARO VALET BLE hygrometer and Wi-Fi bridge device, which collects and transmits humidity and temperature data to your mobile device. The app then receives this data and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand format.

Not yet! You can only monitor one humidor per account. 

The range of the BLE hygrometer and Wi-Fi bridge depends on the specific model. Generally, it should cover a standard home or office environment, but it's recommended to place them within 10-15 feet of each other. 

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