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What’s Included:

The Cigador® - Tactical Edition
Valet BLE Bridge
Torch lighter & cutter

Package Includes:

  • Humidor case
  • Torch lighter & cutter
  • Wireless bridge
  • The Cigador® - Tactical Edition

All of our humidors are made to order, so there are no refunds available. Exchanges are available within the first 30 days for any defective or damaged products. 

What Makes Klaro Better?

More Cedar

Klaro humidors have more Spanish cedar than any other brand on the market. Spanish cedar keeps away cigar beetles and guarantees your cigars always have the proper humidity.

Tighter Seal

Our humidors are made with precision-engineered seals for maximum air-tightness. Each model comes equipped with custom hinges that help lock in the seal. We also have fat cedar coamings that will expand as humidity increases to ensure your smoke stays fresh for the long haul.

Accurate Digital Hygrometer

Our digital hygrometers are silicone gasket-sealed from front to back and include the most accurate European sensor on the market. You’ll never have to wonder whether your cigars are taken care of.

Complete Humidification System

Klaro humidors will be the easiest humidor you’ve ever seasoned and maintained. It comes with everything you need, including two bottles of Humidor Solution, a pack of Gel crystals, and the Hydro Tray. We guide you through the setup and maintenance process with written and video instructions backed by amazing support, so we’ll be with you every step.

Limited Edition - Digi-Camo

Discover the Klaro Digi-Camo Military Humidor, distinctively finished in green digital camouflage, a design that sets it apart from the rest. This sturdy humidor is built to last with solid wood and a cedar lining, making it a breeze to maintain. Edged with sleek matte black corner guards and secured with robust latches, it ensures a tight seal for your cigars. The drawer, lined with military-grade EVA foam, is ready to organize your cigar accessories (sold separately). It comes equipped with an easy-to-use humidity control system, including solutions for any climate, making setup a snap. Ideal for the patriotic cigar enthusiast, this humidor serves your cigars and supports Cigars for Warriors through a commitment to donate a portion of every sale.

Limited Edition - Digi-Camo

Introducing the Limited Edition Digi-Camo Humidor, a homage to the valor of military footlockers, now reimagined for the modern aficionado. Finished with a distinctive green digital camouflage, this humidor isn't just a statement piece—it's a mark of your passion for cigars.

Aficionado's Choice

Crafted with robust wood and lined with the finest Spanish cedar, this humidor is the real deal. The digital camo exterior is complemented by custom matte black hardware, including corner guards, lid latches, and sleek handles. The innovative front digital hygrometer and slidable storage tray redefine convenience—your treasured cigars are always within reach.

Precision Driven Hygrometer

Our digital hygrometer is the pinnacle of accuracy, designed from the ground up to ensure your cigars are kept in pristine condition. Each one is secured with a precision rubber gasket seal to fortify against leaks, providing a sanctuary for your cigars.

Tactical Accessory Storage

Encased within the Military Humidor is a drawer lined with EVA foam, mill-spec with a diamond-cut pattern reminiscent of elite military cases. A removable accessory holder nestles our exclusive Gunmetal Edition Accessory Kit by Klaro—every tool in its place. Enhance your collection with this kit for the ultimate gifting experience. (Accessories Not Included)

Cigars For Warriors

A portion of all sales will go to those who made a sacrifice to keep us safe. 

Dimensions W15.75 x L9.8 x H8.25 (Inches)
UPC 850045327316

Outside Matte green finish
Inside Wood and Spanish cedar
Diamond patterned EVA foam
Others Polished gun metal hardware

Cigar Type Gauge Gauge
Petite Corona 38G 240-250
Corona 42G 170-180
Robusto 50G 130-140
Toro 50G 105-115
Toro 52G 90-105
Toro 54G 85-90
Toro 60G 65-75

Stealthy Storage.

The limited-edition digital camouflage military humidor offers a strategic solution to cigar storage and upkeep, functioning as efficiently as its design suggests.

Humidor Solution Made For All Weather Conditions.

We’ve been in the lab creating the perfect humidor solution for those that live in arid climates or those not lucky enough to have tropical winters. We’ve got you covered right out of the box.

Regular Humidor Solution.

A must have for any humidor. Keep your stogies at the perfect humidity with the included humidor solution.

Where The Magic Happens.

Our revolutionary tray spreads out the humidity edge to edge ensuring the best humidity coverage in your humidor. This system requires less maintaining with better results.

Expanding Gel Solution.

This powerful little packet of gel crystals soak up the humidor solution and slowly release humidity. This helps keep your humidor regulated and simple to use.

How we Compare: Klaro Humidors Vs Others

Klaro Humidors Basic Humidor Tupperdor

Real Cedar

Does the humidor contain Real cedar that is substantially thick enough to hold moisture?

Many manufacturers use Honduran Mahogany

Humidification System

Comes loaded with a complete custom humidification system that includes humidor solution.

Many manufacturers use cheap sponges that harbor mold

Accessory Storage

Is there extra space to store your smoking side kicks?

Most humidors do not include a section for your accessories

Digital Hygrometers

Includes an accurate digital hygrometer that displays the humidity

Most humidors use analog hygrometers that are not calibrated

Most humidors use analog hygrometers that are not calibrated

Walkthrough & Seasoning

Product Walkthrough

See for yourself all the perks that come with having a Klaro Humidor.

Step By Step Seasoning Guide

Watch a our seasoning video that thoroughly walks you through seasoning your new klaro humidor.

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